Developing Personality

  • Posted By : Mohammed Irfan Hossain

If you're here to find how to develop an appealing exterior personality, or how to put on a false mask overnight to differentiate yourself from others, I'm sorry, I'm not writing this for you.


You cannot consistently pretend to be a good human being until you change the condition of your soul. My friend, let know how to genuinely and persistently enhance one's personality through practice.


Wait, don't run; remember, you're not going to change overnight; it's a journey; start with small steps!

  1. Hygiene First: 

Personal development begins with personal hygiene. Maintaining good personal hygiene is the foundation for good wellbeing. Regularly brush your teeth and take a shower. Put on a few perfume and fresh clothes.


  1. Attire and Posture: 

Everything you wear from your clothes to your shoes to your wristwatch to your hair matters. It's not cool to show off your manliness by wearing anything that's eye pinching and unappetizing, like ripped jeans and a bunch of bracelets. Put on some nice clothes in modest colors and a basic watch. Never show off your ingenuity by dangling a chain. Further, maintain an upright stance whether you're standing, sitting, or walking. And don't walk like a robot; instead, show some life by swaying your shoulders.


  1. Smile from the heart: 

The difference between a fake and genuine smile is noticeable. There is no benefit in flashing your teeth and widening your lips, it is not delightful for the person beside you not. It will appear and feel more genuine if you smile from the depths of your soul. Guaranteed, you'll have a lot of admirers.


  1. Valuate Others: 

First, you should to appreciate other people before they will value you. Give them both verbal and non-verbal compliments. When someone is speaking to you, look directly into their eyes. Develop a sense of empathy and compassion. Pretending to be a helping persona isn't enough; you have to genuinely be one.


  1. Confident and Sensible: 

Confidence without common sense rarely leads to professional success. Being practical and sensible is crucial. You can only learn and master it through actual hands-on application. Don't let your arrogance drive you to rush into anything out of over confidence. Do some imaginary role-playing and then move forward with modest zeal after giving it some consideration.


  1. Listen, Listen, Listen then Speak: 

Use elementary argument. There's really no point in trying to persuade others to listen to you if you're not willing to pay attention to them. The goal of active listening is understanding, not provoking a response. Don't speak up when someone else is talking. When it's your turn to speak, keep what you say simple and easy to understand. Using too much jargon is not going to impress that person you are talking to.  Less things spoken can keep individuals from entering into many messy situations.


  1. Be truthful:

Nobody trust a liar. No one will believe you once you've been exposed as a liar. Will never ever lie. There are times when you might think, "If I say the truth, I'll get caught," and decide to lie instead. My friend, even if situation is going against you, you may preserve your dignity by telling the truth.


  1. Your words are valuable: 

Maintain your commitments and never make deceptive promises. You should delegate the task to someone who is able to complete it if you are incapable or unwilling. The reality is that you surely can't make everyone happy, so there's no need in trying. Don't offer words of support until you're ready to take action. Keep your word, and never give any empty or unspecific assurances.


  1. Never be late: 

The most successful people known were always punctual. Make puncuality a habit in your daily life. The best way to improve your time management skills is to adhere to a regular sleep and wake schedule and dine at regular times. In the case of a meeting, you should never be one second late. If you're ever going to be late, the first thing you should do is apologize for your late arrival before saying anything else.

  1. Don’t forget to pray: 

No matter how hard you are trying to change yourself, without the permission of God, you cannot achieve anything. Something that God bestows upon you cannot be taken from you. If God doesn't want to give you something, than no one in the world can! So, if you lack any quality, ask it to the most powerful entity in the universe and tell him to fullfil you.

Before goodbye, remember again, you are not going to change overnight. Keep maintaining the level of discipline, and you will soon develop a positive personality.

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