What is a portfolio website? Why is it important to have one?

  • Posted By : Mohammed Irfan Hossain

A Portfolio website is a website that works as a resume of an individual or an organization that depicts information regarding all the services that they will provide and specific info about the service providers.

It is the home base for business online. A physical portfolio reaches a small number of clients, whereas portfolio websites provide a way to get more clients globally.

A portfolio website presents my professionalism and dedication to craft better and more clearly than my CV. It shows my creativity as I nicely exhibit my information and details. It can be called a digital resume.


Importance of Portfolio Website:


An interesting Resume:

As we already know, a portfolio website serves as a digital resume. What makes it different from physical ones is that you can customize it in your way. You can decorate the website showing all the information you want to share creatively and professionally. Also, you can display information regarding all the services you can offer all at once.


Online presence:

The portfolio website is the home base for your business online. We set up showrooms or shops to deliver our products and connect with our clients in the physical world. It is not feasible for all of us to maintain a showroom 24/7.

Even if we set up such a system, it will reach a few people in a locality. On the other hand, a portfolio website is permanently active. It can connect with customers 24/7 all around the world. Any client can visit the website anytime and will be able to know about all the services you will provide and consume whatever service they like.


Marketing point of view:

Sometimes we see people trying to do business on social media. Though we won't discourage anyone, we will specify some problems with this method.

First of all, social media is not a business platform. People usually don't log in to these media to buy a product. So we can't assume that our business will grow through social media.

Secondly, it is not your platform. You cannot customize the platform as your wish. Consumers will often face difficulties finding their desired products on your pages as you will update the page regularly.

Lastly, social media is chaos. Many things are going on at once. People may not be in the mood to check your products.

To sum up, we can say that social media has a specific role in your business. Yes, you can advertise your products there. Many people use social media, so it is an excellent opportunity to reach many people and promote your products. But there has to be a platform to customize it yourself and deliver the services you can to clients.


Receive job offers:

As we already know, a portfolio website works like a resume. It helps the job seekers get jobs as it shows the creativity and passion of the individual to the employers. Going through many papers takes a considerable amount of time. It's also time-saving for employers to check portfolio websites.

Another advantage of having a portfolio website is to get hired even when you are not actively looking for jobs. The website is already there, so the employer can find it online. So you can get job offers even if you are not thinking of changing your job.


Revenue generation:

The portfolio website is related to money because it relates to your business and services. But even if your portfolio does not provide any products, you can earn money by affiliate marketing if you are not into any business.

In this process, you recommend, promote the products of others, and get some revenue. And again, you can earn a sufficient amount of income from ads.


Better Communication with Clients:

Portfolio websites generally contain a few ways of contact with the owner. The clients can contact you through suitable means of communication. Whereas in the physical world, it is a bit difficult. Many customers don't even try to interact with the service providers. Some may feel uncomfortable criticizing you or your product in person. You can hope for better interaction with your clients through your website.


To sum up, it would be silly not to have an online presence in this era of digitization. People using the internet are huge in number. So, you would not want to lose these audiences. And the best way you can have an online presence is through a portfolio website. It is now easier to build a portfolio website with the help of drag-and-drop technology. A portfolio gives you competitive advantages in the career journey. So why don't you have one?

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