Skillsets required to apply as a Research Assistant

  • Posted By : Mohammed Irfan Hossain

What is actually a Research Assistant?


-In simple terms, an individual who assists in the designing and monitoring of a robust research project to create either a social, economic, or a scientific impact.


Being a research assistant is not an easy piece of cake. Strong skillsets are of utmost necessity to maneuver the dense assimilation of tasks and produce an impactful result.


What are the skills required?


-There is no 'one type of skill that is   demanded of a research assistant. Two primordial variants of skills are usually expected,  one being the 'soft skills' which are benign in nature, and the other is 'hard skills' that define the professional value of the individual.


Soft skills include

  1. Presentation and communication.

  2. I am extracting and navigation through relevant literature.

  3. Basic computer usage capability.

  4. Software skills like Microsoft word, excel, excess, and PowerPoint slides.

  5. Capability to write a formal and semi-formal email in academic terms.


It is to be noted that these soft skills are not only applicable for reseach assistant but also for various fields of outreached jobs. 


Hard skills entail

  1. Collection and coherent analysis of data.

  2. Laboratory skills i.e PCR machine operation for biochemists. 

  3. Social research skills i.e skills of preparing a questionnaire or taking interviews.

  4. Statistical interpretation of graphs and charts and express those in literary form.

  5. Ability to think in a critical and empirical manner.

  6. Proof reading capabilities. 

  7. Excellent hold on academic and general writing standards.

  8. Problem solving capabilities. 

  9. Use of various programming language relevant to those fields of interest (not an essential aspect of social researchers). 


These skills mentioned above are necessary for the development of an individual to create a strong impression and profile for oneself if he/she wants to start up as a research assistant in any significant fields of study.

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