Reasons Why Student Portfolio Is Important

  • Posted By : Mohammed Irfan Hossain

A student portfolio is an excellent way to showcase and assess students' progress in their studies and other skill development. Students who want to have a nice and smooth career and find a suitable profession according to their skills and passion should have a portfolio website. Here are some reasons why a student portfolio is essential-

a) Correct Assessment of a student:


CGPA is not the absolute standard to assess a student's profile. A student may have a good CGPA, but their soft skills may not be good. Again, a student may have invested their time focusing on their passion and become good at them. With only CGPA, we can not measure these things. So we need to have an overview of the student's profile, what they have done throughout these years, their skills, passion, etc. And portfolio website helps us in this regard as it showcases these informations.


b) Showcasing and track recording:

A portfolio website is a virtual space where we showcase ourselves. Our skills, collective record of achievement, activities, projects, internships, travel, events, recommendations, and everything related to our formal and professional life can be there. It is the central hub of the information we want to show the world. Students who wish for a scholarship for higher studies will find portfolios helpful after graduation.


c) Career Journey:

 A portfolio helps us in career planning. After maintaining the website for student life, when students finish their graduation, they will know their skills, strong points, weak points, passion, etc. It will help them set a goal and fix or choose career paths. And also Portfolio website works as a digital resume. So it will help students seeking jobs after or during their graduation.


d)Being one's own manager:

A student portfolio is a student's own platform. They will organize the data in whatever way they like. The student has complete control over the contents. The student will develop skills and soft skills and bear responsibility while managing their portfolio websites.


To sum up, a portfolio website is vital for a student who is serious about their career. The website will help them develop soft skills and reduce screen time waste. To have a competitive advantage over other students when focusing on one's passion and skill development, students should have a portfolio website.

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